Friday, December 18, 2015

Angels Among Us

I am surrounded by angles – beautiful, loving, caring, giving angels.

These aren’t people who give forty five billion dollars away over the course of their lifetimes (tho we need those angels too). They are people like you and me who have been in a hard spot and vow to help others out. They are the people who organize in an instant to help when called upon. They are the people who go out of their way to say a kind word or extend a kind gesture without needing to post it all over social media. They are the people who sometimes look at their bank accounts and think “oh crap”, but they give anyway because there is someone more desperately in need.

These angles have gathered throughout my life. Sometimes I’m the recipient of their blessings and sometimes I’m helping them bless others. They teach me and inspire me and lift me up. At times I am untouchable, so insulated I am by these heavenly creatures.

I am surrounded by angels and I’m so fortunate they let me fly with them. 

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  1. You're my, 2 boys and 2 doggies angel.