Monday, November 19, 2012

ok, so maybe it's "the almost daily breath." this weekend was a whirlwind. actually, the week was a whirlwind. we had 15 people coming over for dinner on sunday. thursday, the tub stopped up, friday we discovered that we have a leak in our hot water line in our cement slab (yes, that could involve a jackhammer). we got up sunday morning and discovered that we'd had a furry friend in the kitchen overnight.

so, i had this dried flower that i got in egypt called something like 'hand of the virgin.' anyway, when the spice hawker sold it to me, he told me to put it in boiling water and it would open up and bring us good luck. well, as you can imagine, i thought we could use a little luck at that point, so I boiled the water, pulled out kyle's grandmother's glass bowl, put in the hand of the virgin, poured in the hot water and the bowl exploded!

let me repeat that - the bowl exploded!

later, when i was fixing cauliflower butternut squash curry, i went to pour the roasted butternut squash into the saute pan and - splat! it all ended up on the floor with a house full of people waiting for dinner. what could i do? i served cauliflower curry.

dinner went off without another hitch. it was delicious and lovely and wonderful and we are so lucky to have such amazing friends. i thought for sure our 'luck' had begun to change.

tonight, i broke my baby toe and my washing machine didn't drain - well it did, but into my laundry room.

deep breaths.
deep breaths.
deep breaths.

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