Tuesday, July 22, 2014

christmas in july

i missed sending out a christmas letter this past christmas. kyle was working out of town, so i was an unexpected single mom most of the time; we were deep into house renovations and packing and planning a move. life was hectic - nervous breakdown type hectic! i had a friend of ours take these photos for us at tug's birthday party in january (yes, my children are barefoot in January - you gotta love the south!), with the intention of sending a late christmas/new year's/valentine's letter. well the crickets in your mailboxes tell the rest of that story!

so here are our christmas card photos - in july! isn't this better? now you can see the whole story and i don't have to pick just one photo. i bought these bouncy balls for our family as a christmas present, but broke them out at thanksgiving. they are fun fun fun! they come in all shapes and sizes and should be a staple in every family!

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