Wednesday, August 5, 2015


i turned 45 last week. since my 30th, i've had difficulty with milestone-type birthdays. they seem to be times to reflect. when i reflect, i have a hard time bringing up all my accomplishments. i tend to focus on all the things i've NOT accomplished (yes, i know i need therapy!). so, i did some thinking about all the things i've talked about for years and years and all the things i've been afraid to talk about and all the things i didn't even know i wanted to do until i really thought about it. and i started a list of 50 things i want to do by the time i reach my 50th birthday. i'm not quite to 50 items yet, but maybe you can help me. are there things you've heard me talk about a million times that i haven't done yet? there are some items that should be on the list but are not included becuase i don't think they'll be financially viable in the next 5 years - like studying yoga in india and going on a meditation retreat to tibet. that will be on my 60X60 list once the kids are safely raised and are productive citizens.

comment - let me know what would be on your list. i will continue adding to mine and let you know how i'm doing.


  1. Build a regular blog
  2. Start an Etsy shop
  3. Dive at the Great Barrier Reef or visit the Galapagos Islands (provided it is financially possible!)
  4. Get out of debt
  5. Learn to play tennis (with Ray)
  6. Learn to play golf
  7. Learn to screen print
  8. Become comfortable in my body
  9. Really work toward getting my body healthy
  10. Get a tattoo
  11. See Al Green Preach
  12. Take my kids to a bluegrass festival
  13. Hike in Big Bend
  14. Stay up for more than 3 seconds on water skis
  15. Cook a prime rib
  16. Pull a skier on the boat
  17. Finish my book
  18. Be able to do Wheel again – with grace
  19. Get the children’s books that are in my head onto paper and out to publishers
  20. Maintain an organic garden thru an entire summer
  21. Travel for a year with the kids
  22. Renew my yoga practice
  23. Simplify my stuff
  24. Simplify my life (this one is loaded and probably needs much more definition!)
  25. Regularly practice random acts of kindness – have it be part of my everyday thoughts
  26. Be kind to myself without thinking about it
  27. See the Grand Canyon
  28. See Orcas in their natural home
  29. Get my office organized
  30. See the fireflies in the Great Smokey Mtns in TN
  31. Take a road trip with my mom
  32. Learn to knit (it may not be possible!!!)
  33. See Asleep at the Wheel in concert
  34. Take my kids to a bluegrass festival
  35. Teach the boys yoga
  36. Make daily meditation a priority
  37. Give up the foods that make me sick


  1. Have an amazing community of friends that love you..... Wait, you already have that!!!

  2. I do indeed, and I'm very lucky to have them!