Tuesday, September 29, 2015

marking time

the passing of time is marked in so many ways. ways that are exciting and heartbreaking at the same time. from first steps to setting off for solo adventures in the wide world, our children are pulling away from us in tiny increments from the moment they come into the world.

it's their job. our job is to make sure they're ready for each next step and encourage them to keep growing and pulling within the safe confines of our love and support. 

parenting is such a different journey with each child. this one - my baby - started kindergarten this year. he lost his first tooth last week. he's setting off down the trails blazed by his brother.

it's time to let go and gently release him into the wild. 

'come back! come back!' i silently scream.
'it's scary out there!'
'it's nice and safe here, in mama's arms.' 

but i must let him test the waters, gently nudging him back out when he clings too long.

he's a little boy now - no more baby.

stride boldly my boy - into all the beauties this world has to offer.
go and make magic happen!

seems like yesterday!

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