Thursday, September 24, 2015

summer's last hurrah

(disclaimer: this was supposed to be posted on labor day - then yesterday. i might have to fire the poster!)

tho here in austin, our neighborhood pool is open year-round, we can boat and swim well into september (and possibly october), and the kids will still get in the chilly creek with the floating fall leaves, labor day tends to mark the end of summer.

even with school starting before the sobering holiday, life feels a bit free-wheeling until you can no longer wear white without your aunt frannie reminding you that it's not done (i sure do miss you aunt frannie).

with the first official day of fall upon us, we are now fully plugged into our fall schedule - school, homework, martial arts, football, adventure club, talking incessently about halloween costumes, pumpkin planning, holiday schedules, plans and possible travel; crock pot dinner, picking out clothes, packing snacks, laying out gear the night before, 7:30 bed time - whew! there is something comforting and stable about the routine, even when the pace feels a bit frenetic.

it was not a graceful transition into school schedule, but having a day off to exhale and start fresh gave us all a much-needed break to take full advantage of the last gasp of summer 2015 - 'the best summer ever!'

we put the world on hold and spent the day lazing, eating, swimming, tubing, conquering fears and reconnecting with who we are, bathed in the frigid waters of lake austin.

it was a good day.

so long summer. see you next -- well, see you next summer!

welcome fall - 90 degrees and all!

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