Friday, January 11, 2013


kite flying between christmas and new year's. the dogs were just happy to run!

i'm back - sorry i was gone for so long. i'll likely not show up over the weekend either. i've got to find a rhythm to this thing. stick with me while i get my feet under me.

i always balk at how cheesy 'making resolutions' sounds, so i spent years setting goals for the new year. i'd list a number (way too many) of goals and then break them down into bite-size pieces and measurable smaller goals along the way. sounds good in theory - except it didn't work any better than making resolutions did.

lose 50 lbs
work out 3 times/week
walk dogs 5 times/week
yoga 2 time/week (outside of teaching)
redo kitchen
pay off 10% of debt (we were actually able to accomplish this one and doubled the % we paid off - yay!)

it looked something like that - probably similar to everyone else's. i'd spend a mountain of time on them and then promptly forget them. so i'm trying a different path this year. my resolutions are more conceptual and less concrete. the first one covers so many areas of my life:

  • less talking - more doing
  • fly more kites 
  • reconnect with myself (creatively, listen to more music, introduce my kids to music that i love, get back in the swing of friday nights in the kitchen with my kids, cooking at home, composting, and voting with my dollars)
  • get this blog off the ground and challenge myself to grow it past my comfort zone this year
  • get outside more with my family
  • be present
these are all big for me. what were some of your resolutions/goals/anti-resolutions? perhaps sharing them will hold you accountable. 


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  1. Hey! It's interesting that you should write this as I've been thinking a lot about resolutions the last couple of weeks. ( not so unusual at his time of the year) No-one in the family seems to make them but it makes me feel like I have some purpose ( I also like to sort out my clothes) Although I wouldn't mind losing 50lbs my resolutions so far are:

    Buy less / make more
    Go to bed earlier
    Keep in touch

    Not managing too well with 1 and 2 but I've made a start with number 3