Thursday, December 27, 2012

a little christmas miracle

i hope that everyone had a lovely christmas and i hope that you are looking forward to a banner new year! we have no idea what is coming in the new year and are working very hard on letting go of our plan and our expectations and handing things over to the universe. if you are unaware, we welcomed two little boys into our home last march (2012). we are currently fostering them and are ardently hoping to adopt them. they have changed our lives in ways that we never expected. march 2013 will be one year. we are hoping that the judge will see fit to leave the boys right where they are now - growing and developing and absolutely flourishing!

but before we look forward too far, let us look back a few days. this christmas miracle starts around the first week of december. when we finally got around to getting our decorations out and getting our tree up, christmas fever hit our house. as we grow, we lose a little of the magic of christmas. when kids come along, we are reminded, and it is beautiful to be able to participate in that magic again. since we started listening to christmas music constantly in our house, and the decor started becoming more festive, my 4-year-old has been talking about snow on christmas - as if it were a given.

now - we live in east texas. we do not often get snow. if we have a weather event, it is usually ice. we do usually have at least a flurry each year, but it's more often than not, in the january/february time frame. so, i started early preparing him for a very not white christmas. we talked about the weather and where we live and how it's colder and snows more in other places. every time he brought up snow, i would remind him that we would not have snow on christmas and he'd ask why. we would go through it all again. the closer it got to christmas, the more he talked about snow. in his mind, it was a given that he would wake up on christmas morning to presents AND snow - it didn't matter how much i tried to explain it.

lo and behold, we got up christmas morning to a huge rain storm, complete with thunder and lightning - but no snow. he was thoroughly disappointed and kept asking why it didn't snow and when would it snow. We kept explaining that it would not snow. he kept believing - even kept checking.

there is an old wive's tale that i mentioned to kyle as we collapsed on the couch amid the detritus of christmas morning. if it thunders in the winter, snow will follow within 7 days. i'd heard this from my lovely aunt fran, who knew all the good superstitions and wives tales.

the day wore on (much like this story) and we were getting ready to get the boys in the bath to go to a friend's house for dinner when the dogs started going nuts. a very dear old friend was at the door, freezing in the SLEET waiting for us to open up. i opened the door and let her in, looked out and the sleet and rain had turned to - you guessed it - SNOW! i called said 4-year-old to the front door to watch and he just beamed.

"i KNEW it would snow! i knew it!" yes, he did. was it just a winter weather system, or was a a final gift from santa for a boy who believed with all his heart?

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  1. I think it was a gift to all that there is more to Christmas than the gifts under the tree!!