Wednesday, February 6, 2013


i have been terribly, awfully, hopelessly remiss! i sent a ton of christmas/new year's letters with my blog address, driving friends and family to my blog and then i completely disappeared. silence. nothing.

my deepest apologies.

as you may know, through a fostering agency, we welcomed two little boys into our home last march. they promptly started pre-school/day care and the 3 of us (k-daddy excluded) started getting sick. since last march, i have been sick approximately every 3 weeks. in addition to being a new mom of 2 very high-spirited little boys, and all of the emotional ups and downs that go with fostering. i won't/can't go into detail about the boys and our/their situation - it is not mine to tell at this time. but my point is - i'm exhausted - physically, mentally and emotionally.

i have been sick approximately 3 times since christmas. my body is beaten - i am not eating or acting healthy in any way. i want to eat good, healthy food and i want to exercise. but i find myself so tired and heavy that all i can muster is the bare minimum. the only part of my body that has remained remotely in shape is my mid-abs from coughing. i'm not being a good wife, friend, housekeeper, blogger or mother. i don't have the energy to take action on my new year's resolutions. i'm just getting over being sick again, my man is sick now and i'm stuck. i just want to cry.

i have nothing to offer you right now, no words of wisdom, no pose instruction, no book reviews and no bad photos - only whining.

but here is my compromise - how about i commit to three times/week instead of daily. when i get the hang of that, i'll expand from there. i also commit to trying to take and include better pics.

i hope you and your family are well. feel free to post your whines here if you need to - i'll listen and even sympathize. sometimes, that's all it takes.



  1. Hey B

    I wish I was closer so I could come and make chicken soup. We have sickness here too, although thankfully its operating in shifts...last week it was my turn and today it's Eloise. It is truly grim when you have babies to take care of and you feel crap. The only words of wisdom I can offer is " this too shall pass" Remember that xxxx Love B

    1. I wish you were closer too - not just so you could make chicken soup!