Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hump Day Pose: Tadasana (Mountain)

This post will begin our Wednesday asana (pose) series. 

I think I'll start with one that I feel is the foundation for all standing poses - Tadasana (Mountain Pose). Though it appears to be such a simple pose, this pose can quickly become overly complex with too much instruction. However, with not enough instruction, students can do this pose for years without ever experiencing the important subtleties of the pose.

To begin Mountain, simply stand. Stand on two feet. Notice how that feels. How often do we simply stand on two feet. From here, you can begin to notice how your body feels, are you listing, is your weight even on both feet? After you begin to notice, you can start to make subtle corrections, but noticing is the first step. We must begin from where we are today. 

More on Mountain tomorrow. For today, just stand and notice, without judgement.
Feel free to share your Mountain experience.

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