Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hanging On - Deux

i mentioned a few days ago that i hang onto things - fabric scraps, bits and pieces, ribbon, paper, whatever i feel could be useful later.

unfortunately, i hang onto hurts
the way that I hang onto vintage globes and fabrics.

i have hurts in my heart that
still stab when i think about them

when i have been wronged, i pack it in a
pretty box and store it away
with a label,
so that i can find it easily when i need
to make myself hurt.

i am working on letting go.
i close my eyes and bring my attention to my breath.
i let my shoulders relax and my jaw soften.
sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.

the thing i know for sure is that
if i do not practice it
it won't work.

try it for a few minutes today.
set a timer,
close your eyes,
relax your jaw
focus your attention on the space between your eyebrows.
your mind will wander - let it go.
just don't follow it.

tell me how you did.

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