Thursday, December 6, 2012

Yoga for EVERY Body

i happen to believe that yoga is for everyone
and i truly mean everyone.
i believe that the basic principles of yoga and the internal foundations of the poses can be practiced safely by anyone
whether you're 25 and at the top of your game,
or wheelchair bound with atrophying muscles.
this message is one of the reasons i started this blog.

you may have heard that yoga can cause serious injuries and that certain populations should avoid yoga,
but I believe that injuries are caused by practitioners in a moment of carelessness,
and sometimes by teachers who are not giving sufficient safety instruction.
Of the very few times i've been injured practicing yoga, i have known seconds before it happens that I'm going to be injured.
i heard what my body was saying, but didn't heed the warning.

remember that your yoga practice belongs to you!
if you're unsure about going to a class, get a book or look up some mini classes on youtube.
the most important thing to remember is that
you must listen to your body.
it's ok for a tight muscle to hurt a little as you stretch it,
but you should never feel sharp pain,
or a pulling around a joint.

take a moment right now,
sit up in your chair,
let your hips settle,
relax your jaw,
shoulders and belly.
Place your feet flat on the floor,
close your eyes and
count 5 breaths,
moving your breath down deep into your belly.

this is yoga
awakening to your senses,
drawing your awareness inside.
maybe today, that was your yoga practice
celebrate the fact that you practiced today!

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