Monday, December 10, 2012

Just Breathe

most of my current readers know me. if you do know me, you know that kyle and i have two foster children. we received two little boys into our home in march. they are little blue-eyed brothers whom we desperately hope to adopt. as we draw nearer to the judge's big decision, things are getting more and more emotional. the past few days have been very difficult for us. the boys' dad is checking the boxes he's supposed to check - whether that means he's actually changing his life is questionable, but he's doing what the judge has told him to do. we are terrified that the boys will go home.

sometimes, when i think about them not being here, or when i think about the 2(almost 3) year old waking up crying for "k-daddy" at night and k-daddy not being there, it breaks my heart. it knocks the breath out of me. so here is your chance to teach me - how do you "breathe" when the wind has been knocked out of you? how do you find and follow your breath when it has failed you?

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